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July 3-4, On Winni

Sat. morning (5-8am)was slow for me and my youngest son. 1 smallmouth, 1 year old salmon, and a 2 yr. salmon. Big salmon on pink/blue/silver top gun at 32'(lure) on rigger. Other fish on leadcore, 7 colors., brass mooselook.

Sun. morning (6:30-9:30) was busier but unfortunately it was 1 yr. old salmon providing the action, about 6 or 7 of them. Finally hooked a nice 18.5" 2 yr. old salmon near the end of the day. It was taking my youngest son forever to reel him in and he's telling my there's something wrong with the reel. Turns out the fish was taking drag which he had never experienced. We got the drag set right and landed it. Only 1 fish on riggers but a few more hit and runs at 32'. Leadcore took the rest, 7 colors, pink/blue/silver top gun took the most, same lure w/ copper back took the big salmon.