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Over the 4th update

I finally made it up to winni after a hectic spring that found me changing jobs. I only went out once trolling for about two hours and got skunked...no surprise there. I did however manage to have some fun with all the new fly-fishing gear that I have bought or been given. I've been tying my own flies and had made up some really nice looking wooly buggers in colors for winni. I was playing around on my dock using a brand new rod and on the 2nd cast out a small, but very fiesty bass savagely attacked my size 6 purple and orange wooly bugger! I was only using a 4 wt rod so it was pretty fun. The first fish on a new rod and a fly you tied yourself can always put a smile on your face no matter how little the fish is!

So here it is folks what has now been dubbed the 400 dollar bass! Safely released to hopefully get bigger!
Look carefully..the little guy is in my hand
1st bass

Re: Over the 4th update

LOL, you got me. :-) Still, congrats are in order for the DIY approach. Something like "its not the size of the fish in the fight but the size of the fight in the fish" would probably be appropriate to say. Thanks for the chuckle...