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Re: Ooopsie

We live on Chase Point looking out at the Graveyard. You can't believe the people that go fast through the wrong way and not hit a thing. Whenever we're bass fishing in the real shallow water around it there is always someone that thinks just because we're there it must be safe for them to go through the same place fast. I know if I tried to run through the shallow area I would surely hit a rock.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)

Re: Ooopsie

Boater safty course covers chanle marker I think!!!

Somehow renters are not subject to boaters safety course (bad for Marina business) they get a down and dirty quicky course before they fork over the money, lol.

Happens all the time in Squam, I see them on the wrong side on the markers, you yell at them and they don't have a clue, can ruin your day real quick.

Big John

Re: Ooopsie

That's too funny. I also saw a marine patrol boat hit a rock over by foley island near the long island bridge. He didn't hit it hard, he was barely moving, but ti was still funny. I do get a kick out of watching idiots who shouldn't be driving boats do dumb things and get caught. I know, that's terrible, but it still amuses me when someone goes full throttle into a rock pit because they are too impatient to go the right way!

Re: Ooopsie

I also love watching the mindless ruin equipment! I guess I am not the nicest of people either because of this... but boy oh boy, do I have a good laugh at this stuff from time to time!