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Re: Mon fishing report

Thanks for the speed info. I just ordered a couple of bigger sea anchors to slow my boat hopefully below 2.0 mph or less. It seems the live bait is taking more and larger salmon so I gotta try it. Right now the slowest I can go is 2.25 into the wind and chop so I just fish lures and streamers.

Re: Mon fishing report

Hey Salty, If you dont mind me asking- are you running the perch fly with any dodger/flash on the leadcore? Thanks Joe

Re: Mon fishing report

Hey Winnie Troller just an FYI. Slower usually is better for the bait but not totally crucial. I fished the bait off two rods in June and lures off two others. It is a challenge to find lures that operate at slow 1.5mph speeds so when I switched over to lures that required higher speeds I caught just as many on the bait trolling at 2.0 - 2.4 Mph. TH bags will help you slow down. Just make sure to run one on each side.

Re: Mon fishing report

I was running the fly off the boards, and was not using a dodger or flasher, just the fly.