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Re: Making & taping lures *not a report*

Thanks guys for the great feedback!

Let's hope this doesn't turn out like fly tying. I have fur & feathers from around the world. And that's not counting all the synthetics & saltwater materials.

If you ever need something and you can't find it let me know because I probably have it. ;-)

Tight lines,

It remains a sickness until you realize you have 1500 or so spoons that you will never use, then you might slack off or be cured as in my case. Now I have more spoons than AJ's and 50 or so rolls of tape that clutter up my desk.

We bought all our tapes from WTP Lure Tape, cleaned the lures first with acetone, used razor blades to trim the excess and for some tapes used a sheetrock gun to cure. Some tapes you can't put the heat to them, but you will find that out. Some spoons like copper or Guide Specials, it helps to smooth the edges with a file before hand, we used
"lots" of razor blades.

We got blanks from all over but AJ sells blanks too.

Finally last year we figured we could never possibly use all these spoons and I had enough tape that my grandchildren would be using it still when they were my age. So we sold off a bunch of spoons and started using allmost exclusuvely streamers, I don't have any plans on tying flies,ha,ha.

Over the winter I might sell off a bunch more spoons and the tape too. The only spoons I use now are DB's or BB guns.

A great winter project have fun.

Big John

Re: Making & taping lures *not a report*


More great info.
Thank you John!


Re: Making & taping lures *not a report*

My Tackle box is full of "Big John" taped lures I bought last winter and I can attest I've caught plenty of fish. In fact, to be honest, they have all been mixed in with my other db smelts and guide specials and the only way I can tell the difference is the Big Johns don't have the little metal O ring. I've often thought about doing some myself, but I get over whelmed looking at the cataloges not knowing exactly what to buy. I wish there was a "starter kit" like fly tying kits.

Re: Making & taping lures *not a report*

Contact Jim @Tamiron he'll get you pointed in the right direction.