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Re: Downrigger Help

I fish with the G2 balls

Re: Downrigger Help

I started running the 10lb "fish shaped" balls and love them!

I painted mine as well but I switch it up from green-orange.

As far as clips I use the chamberlin and or the scotty pinch pad releases. I have heard mixed reviews on them but they have performed well for me...

Good luck!


Re: Downrigger Help

I run Black's releases on my riggers. I never found a reason to switch. I have not been in AJ's lately but he used to carry them.

Re: Downrigger Help

the roemer stacker release is the one i use, i like the stacker style release and put it on the cable about 3 foot up from the ball. chamberlain is now making a stacker, might be worth looking into once i run out of roemer parts. with the manuel rigger you might want to keep the ball size smaller

Re: Downrigger Help

Hey Fishlessman, last time I was up to LL Cote's in Errol N.H. they had all kinds of brand new Roemer releases in the package. Just thought I'd let ya know if you really like those. I haven't tried the chamberlin yet, but like the mini scotty pinch pads which I use when stacking rigger rods, and the blacks releases at the ball. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Downrigger Help

The chamberlain releases are great. Also the romer to stack.
I use a 10 lb. weight on my manual Canons.
I recommend you add to the cable a braided downrigger line. It is great and eliminates the noise.
Cannot use this with electric downriggers.


Re: Downrigger Help

i googled roemer a little while back and i think the company resurfaced

Re: Downrigger Help

I've used them all, Round ones, Fish type Balls, Panckaes, and others, right now I use G2 Jig Balls and they have their own release, neat set up.

Prior to that for releases I've used Blacks and Roemers and Chamberlain,etc. I think the Chamberlain are the best hands down. With the Chamberlains I used the Scotty pinch pads fot stacking, super set up, but Chamberlain now has a stacker too, I saw them at the Gathering and they look super.

If you stick with traditional downrigger balls, make sure you use attractors/blades, I highly recomend the Dave Davis 48" horizontal blades, AJ has em.

Good luck cranking them manuals up and down, ugh. You will find plenty of electric on here for sale as guys upgrade to Digitrol IV's etc. Stay off Squam with manuals, Old Fisherman uses them still and hasn't lost a ball in 50 years, has a bult in sonar/gps in his head.

Welcome to the world of trollers.

Big John

Re: Downrigger Help

Thanks guys.
I will just have to make a decision and go with it. Once a get a larger boat maybe some electronic riggers are in the picture but this will do wonders for the tin can for now.


Re: Downrigger Help

Does anybody have any used balls or other weights?

Re: Downrigger Help

I might have a couple I could part with. Also have some new Roamers to sell. e-mail me if interested. Cal P.