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Re: Squam - Thurs nite report

John Sampson
That was very good night, excellent for 2 lines, 2 hours, the bite must be improving. I'm not fishing this weekend, various reasons, so keep us posted.

The G2 Staker should be ran with blades and the streamer, etc. 3 or 4 feet behind and above for best results. Not sure how you set it up but it sounds like you had your Streamer way back from the stacker and blades, assuming that you ran blades. If no blades were used, you did fine running it that way, at least you had jigging action with all your baits, probably why you had such a good trip..

Nice report, glad you had some decent action, not sure how many big fish are left at this point, it's been allmost 2 months since we got a big boy on The Barge. They may still be in there, but the bite has been so slow and not many fish caught, it's hard to say. Strangest season I ever saw on Golden Pond.

Big John

Was having trouble with the stacker with only mono 4 feet behind blades - kept stopping once I got to depth. Wind in my face, alone, got tired of fighting it, so switched to two colors in-line to give it some more resistance. Still learning the setup on these, need to get a better feel for how much line to have in the loop.

Re: Squam - Thurs nite report

The line loop is very important, they may come up with a "release" that requires rod and line to be cranked down tight, no loop. But with anything early testing (underwater filming, etc) on my boat we found a bug with some line twist. Not sure when it will be available, if at all, but I know they are very excited about it...

That's the great think about Paul and his sons at Cut2Spec, they strive for perfection, easy to work with, will design a custom set up if possible, etc. When I started with them, they had "one" jig speed and jig length only. At some of my suggestions and Russ Johnson, they now have all sorts of options to fit your own personal preferences.

They will also be coming out with a variable speed prop to slow or speed up the jigging action to suit your application with the same prop, probably 2011.

At the same time Paul is always coming up with a few new streamer patterns, filling orders for Cee Dee Streamers and works a regular full time job, as do his sons, it's more a labor of love with that family,
nobody's going to get rich in this game and they know this.

We are lucky to have guys like the Dubriskes and Jim Graves at Jim's Lures, always looking for a better way to help us catch fish.

Big John

Re: Squam - Thurs nite report

I was there Thursday night, called on the radio, but got no answer.
Fished Deep Haven.
Had a down rigger at 38 ft and 6 colors on lead.
Lead line went off and almost at the same time, the downrigger went off. NO salmon only two green fish.