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Re: G2...should I?

If I had the extra dough burning a hole in my pocket I would probably buy one or two. Seems like plenty of guys one here really like them and I really like the concept of them. They are just really pricey for a downrigger ball. I wouldn't want to lose one you would certainly hear some choice words coming out of my mouth if I did.

Would seem a lot harder to lose with the Stacker. Also, it's a bit cheaper than the G2 ball, so might be a bit easier to swallow to try one out. I would go for it, even with manual riggers. If you're really afraid of the bottom, you can also add a couple colors of in-line lead core, which would keep the stacker further from the bottom. Only downside to that is then your fly is to far from blades, assuming you are using them. Try one, you won't be disappointed, IMO.

Re: G2...should I?

Lefty is right, I've been using them for over a year now they work super when the bite is good and will produce bites on a slow day you normally wouldn't get.

If loosing a ball is a big concern and a valid one at that, it's a perfect set up for you to run 2,3 or 4 colors of "in-line" lead and set the G2 ball down 10 or 15 feet (more or less) that would give you a bait that is jigging at about 30 feet or so with no risk to loosing the ball and maybe bringing your balls up and down so much as you would be in safer (allot deeper than your ball) water. And you would have the added benefit of lead core action and jigging to boot.

If your not sure what "in-line" lead core is, ask here as it is important not to have lead core clipped to your G2 release or part of your line loop to the release for proper operation.

Big John

Re: G2...should I?

i like the stacker over the ball, not the one posted in the above add though, he has a smaller one. it seems to work best for me when using a cheater rig which is legal in maine but not newhampshire. he has a quick jig with a shorter jigging action for running close to the ball and two prop speeds, i think i like the slower prop better this time of year and the faster prop at the beginning of the year. i also like the 8 foot stacker. he is easy to talk to and i think his number is on his site, i would call him

Re: G2...should I?

Don't bother with that G2 apparatus.It just pulls the bait-lure slowly foward then lets it fall back and you lose the'lock and load'spring conection to your downrigger.I'll keep using mine cause it cost me $100 but so far I haven't been impressed.The saleman Paul is cozy with these pros on here but the thing doesn't produce any more than a ball with flashers,even less.

Re: G2...should I?

keep using it, later in the year come august you will see it catching when fishing near the blades slows down. dont know where the pros comment comes from, im certianly no pro lol but if your fishing near the blades paul does make a particular jigger for that

Re: G2...should I?

I've been using a stacker on an off since May. Didn't have much luck until I read the posts about using in-line lead core. Since putting two colors of in-line lead on I've been catching fish with it and it's runs much better. Caught 3 lake trout this morning on it using a white perch fly and my other rigger with blades caught nothing.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)