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Re: Squam Lake

Joe Such
Went fishing at Squam today for first time. Had a tough time finding consistently deep water to fish in. Does anyone have any suggestions? Didnt know if maybe thats why I didnt see mant people fishing. Are there salmon there?Sorry S

Sorry you had a bad day, but I told you so, Squam is not a lake to look for your first Salmon, it would be the last lake.

Winni is the best bet by far, but perhaps not on a weekdend, as a matter of fact even Squam is getting bad with boat traffic.

Squam has very limited deep basins, without a GPS, Sonar and Navionoics chip, it can be very dangerous, get a map of the lake at the very least. I'm sure you saw all the rocks showing all over the lake and in coming weeks many more will appear. Your lucky if you came out with all the gear you went in with, downrigger balls, prop, etc.

On the other hand Squam has some of the biggest fish in the state because of the unlimited bait (smelt) supply, this bait supply also makes it very, very difficult to catch Salmpn or Bows, there are virtualy no Lake Trout in Squam either..

All of the above and more are why you didn't see many people fishing.

We fished Saturday and did very well for a change, Sunday we only got a few small Bows. The bite starts there just before sunrise, this week 4:50/5:00 (that's AM of course) it can end as early as 6:30/7:00. So get there early and take advantage of the early bite, there is no later bite this time of year.

Or go to Winni, this is my best advice.

Big John

Re: Squam Lake

We did catch 2 Bows but they were small about a pound or so. Threw them back hoping for something bigger. Had to fish around 20 feet to feel remotely safe about trolloing around. Guess I will have to Try Winni Next.

Re: Squam Lake

As John said, without a depthfinder, it is almost impossible to fish Squam. We did it in the past.

Deep Haven just north-east of Chicora (Church) Island is possibly the deepest part of Squam.
The Bows that you caught mostlikely were the last batch they put in.
Most Bows are big and fat.
I caught a nice one Sat. AM.
The salmon are still hiding from me.


Re: Squam Lake

I do have GPS sonar combo but have bot invested in navionicas chip yet. do you think it is worth the money to pick up a chip? Do you guys fish the bottom of the lake mostly?

Re: Squam Lake

As John said, Squam continues to be very slow but there are some big ones. Interestingly, Little Squam has produced a 4.5lb and an 8.0lb laker in the last few weeks. So they are there if you've got the patience.