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Sunday winni trip

Went to winni with the boy[pup]Started out at black point with a white perch and a couple of FAT little guys.they have grown alot since the clipping all returned unharmed.Made our way to south end of rattle snake.Found lots of bait pods on bottom and suspended.Ended up with 8 fish all fat and a lot of fun.Boy lost a good won that spent more time out of water than in he was excited and it was gone.My best was a qiuck measure of over 22 inches and had to be in the 4 to 4 1/2 pound range it was released and swam away on her own.Kept two bleeders and another fish we released 3 times and burped it but it would not go down.1 fish caught on copper honey bee at 30 feet on rigger the rest were caught on flies at 150 to 200 feet of steel[5 to 7 colors of lead] off rod jiggers.Boy was using red gray and I used the maynad marvill.Bite lasted untill 9 and then nothing.It was nice to get back to the lake.Only second time at winni this year.Till next time B-man

Re: Sunday winni trip

Sounds like a great morning. Thanks for the report.

Re: Sunday winni trip

great report...I tried to fish the other end of the day - starting at 4 and going to 8 with nothing to show but a 6" smallmouth. I was dragging 6 colors of leadcore and dropping my riggers to 35 and 40 feet (one with vertical attractors and one without). Pulled white perch flies and all my best color spoons but not even a release.

It was VERY rough out when we started at the south end of Rattlesnake. Boat wakes and wind kicked up big waves for my 16 ftr and it was dangerous at times. Amazing how close some of these 25+ foot deep v's will come to a small craft on the outside edge of Rattlesnake. Not like there isn't LOTS of room to get around me. I guess that's the price I pay for fishing Winni on a weekend afternoon.

Re: Sunday winni trip

I know the feeling even when we left the lake the boat wakes were bad and that 150 foot rule does not exsist i guess if you are fishing.Lots of room between rattle snake and moose but they always seem to pass right next to us.Labor day is coming and then they will be gone.B-man