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Re: Lake Winni salmon

I'm dead against the Derby, I've seen enough this year to form an un-educated opinion. I hope the net numbers are convincing and no Derby for another year.

I'd like to hear Fish and Games thoughts on a fall Derby, interesting idea.

Ice Derby, cant go there as I'm not a hard water guy at all, so I gues you can figure out my position, lol. But Laker for the top prize will certainly help the Salmon caught while seeking Bows.

Big John

Re: Lake Winni salmon

I fished eggs exclusively last year, but the year before we caught over 30 salmon between 4 of us on live bait. As much as I love the winter derby, it is crippling the salmon population. They swallow the bait nearly every time and most people take the salmon out of the water in frigid temps. I've been fishing the winter derby for 30 years and catch ridiculous amounts of salmon every year. Set a tip-up right under the ice and you'll get many salmon. I catch bows in either very shallow water on eggs or just under the ice in deep water on smelt/shiners.

Re: Lake Winni salmon

The winter derby needs to recieve some peer pressure and see how those folks respond at there gathering like all of you have done at Travis's gathering? oh wait a minute, the ice fish folks don't gather or try to preserve the future? do they?

Re: Lake Winni salmon

OUCH, good point, ha,ha.