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Champ trip pictures

Lena's 13.2lbs 32" Lake Trout

Roland's 14.75lbs 32" Lake Trout

Re: Champ trip pictures

Nice Pics. Those are some awesome fish! The tail on Rolands sure looks beat up.
Were you jigging or trolling?

Re: Champ trip pictures

Hi Bob
Two 32 inch fish did not fit into the 48 quart cooler we had brought. The tail on mine was bent dried and broken by the cover. No trolling after Saturday's results with the Salmon. We had the copper lines out and we were yanking suttons the bottom. Several of the larger fish were caught and the line was not even on the bottom.

Re: Champ trip pictures

Sweeeet fish Lena why are you letting Roland catch the bigger fish??? LOL!!!