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Re: Good Fishin'

Cody the area where you were fishing is the same area we had the salmon and browns pretty much die on us. We were catching them 55 to 82 feet down. The did not bleed and we lost several. I believe it was due to water temperture. Did you have any issues with the salmon's you released? Roland

Re: Good Fishin'

The shakers all went back fine, as did the lake trout. We did harvest one laker and one salmon. The other salmon and browns seemed to be okay... A little more of an effort to get them going for me but eventually they did kick.

One issue I did have was the weeds! I was really struggling with them!


Re: Good Fishin'


Diamond Dave does all our work here WMC. Dave did my hull numbers on my boat when I bought it. The Grady did well on the cod last saturday.....text or call I will fill you in.

See ya