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Sampson and Grandma

Big John reports:

Took Mother in Law out Saturday afternoon, she caught a very thin 5 year old, how it survived so long in the lake I don't know, we have badly hook wounded fish too in Squam, this one will not shpw up in the nets thios fall... about 21" less than 3 pounds.

She's happy with 1 fish every two or three weeks, then she don't need a fix for a while. Luckily every time I take her out on a mission to fish (every 2 or 3 weeks) we catch one, I wake her up and let her reel in the last 50 feet or so praying it's not a big one, lol.

Her biggest I think is 4.5 Bow this spring I think, what a time that was, big squall came in, boat spinning around, nobody at the wheel both my wife and I trying to hold her up, net the fish, etc. HUGE cluster, lost 3 lead core rigs, **** good thing I had the Digitrol IV's would have lost 2 balls too, but we didn't loose her or the Bow, lol.

But she had a HUGE smile on her face afterwards, I'm hoping some day I have enough people on board that I can do a video. You can't believe how excited she gets when there is a fish on and she's reeling it in and it don't stop there. Once in the boat she panics it's going to jump back in or I'll loose it in the net, she practically sits on it.

One is enough each time, my wife and I are both frazzled by the time it's in the box, I can't believe how we always seem to get one for her, even when it's real slow. And no I will not take her out fishing as my good luck charm, too stressful, she gives me orders, tells me how fast to go, etc, etc. unless she falls asleep, which aint that often.

Re: Sampson and Grandma

Sorry folks and double sorry Floydo, I had orginaly asked Floyd to post this and he said he forgot how but would try. Then I asked someone else (Mac) and neglected to let Flyodo know it was posted.

Oh well, we all get brain cramps now and then, some of us more often.

HAve a nice weekend Floydo, bring a few extra lobsters home and make some lobster salad for our next fishing trip.

Big John