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Rookie Report

I Have been out on the lake alot, and have been doing pretty well for my first season. I have caught 2 3.5#s and have caught one really nice 23in that weighed just under 5lbs! have caught a few others between 16 to 18 inches. I also Have caught A few lakers all between 16-20in. I have caught everything at 40ft or 7.5-8 colors of lead line. I am really exctied that I started this and apreciate all the people that helped me get started through this site.

Re: Rookie Report

Here you go Cody! You should reread floydo's post below you missed a bit of the coding. Very nice fish! Looks like you have learned a thing or 2 from the site. Congrats!

Re: Rookie Report

Atta way, NiiiiiiiiiiiiicE.

Looks mlike Winni is getting back the "WOW Factor" it's been missing.

Big Jchn

Re: Rookie Report

Thanks,fishRman for the help with the pics, I did everything that post said to do, but they just didnt come out right. Thanks for doing that for me.

Re: Rookie Report


This is the step that you missed as quoted from floydos post:

now add the following before the url :

that shold be it

preview the post and see if it worked.

Hope this helps you out!


Re: Rookie Report

Great job with the fishing Cody. You are way ahead of the learning curve. Keep up the good work.