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Re: This Week on Winni

Finaddiction (Dave S.)
Went out 3 times this week. Tue, Thur. and today. Each day seemed to get better and better. Fished from 5:30am till about 8:00 each day. Best bite was between 6 and 7. Caught fish from 32' to 45'. All fish but one were caught on a streamer I've been tying that's red, orange, gold body and silver flashaboo. The salmon were all very fat and healthy and were between 18 and 21 inches. All safely released. Caught several lakers 16 to 20 inches. As of yesterday the G2 stacker was out fishing a straight down rigger with blades but this morning the down rigger with no blades was hot. Even had a double this morning. That was interesting by myself. One rod had a 21 inch salmon and the other a 20 inch laker.
Finaddiction (Dave Stevens)

Do you mean you fished the G2 Satcker with no blades and it was doing good ? Normally I fish the G2 Stacker on one side above blades and a G2 ball on the others side trying to take advantage of the blades on the other rigger.

How far back did you run off the G2 Stacker ??? I'm finding many people use the various G2's differently, but all are catching fish, so I like to know how folks are using them so I can try different set ups myself.

May try it today without blades, I find the G2's attract fish by themselves big time, must be the prop turning that brings them in.

Big John

Re: This Week on Winni

Running 2 colors of in-line lead with about 50' 8lb leader then about 6 feet of 4lb florocarbon. Since I put the in-line lead on the G2 seems to work better and I'm catching more fish with it. Tried earlier this summer running blades below it but didn't have much luck.

Finaddiction (Dave Stevens)

Re: This Week on Winni

May I ask what part of the lake your fishing? I'm on vacation this week and I
live on Moultonboro bay but I'm thinking of taking a trip to the broads. Do you know of any good spots there? This is my 2nd year trolling and I love it. I'm a life
long bass man but I really love this trolling thing. This is a great web site
and I'm learning a lot of good tips from all of the good people on it. Thanks