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Smaller Lakes Report

With the heavy boat traffic and my smaller boat Ive been heading out to a different lake each week.
Lake Winona has been great for rainbows. Quite a few 18-21 inch bows that were getting quite big, all were caught on anything orange. Esp. orange head copper body at about 22 feet.
Ossipee Lake: Caught 3 nice salmon, nothing to big but very healthy at about 7-9 colors on leadcore, again on anything orange or rangeley pattern.
Stinson: Very slow, caught a few very small lakers, smallest i have ever caught around 12-14", at about 44 on rigger, 8 colors leadcore. These were caught on wonderbreads and maynards marvel fly.
Still have not decided on calmer body of water for the weekend but i will be sure to keep everyone updated as we are catching plenty of fish and still getting use to our downrigger setups!


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excellent post.