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9/11 Small Tourney on Lake Ontario

www.salmoncrazy.com has a summer get together called Summerfest. They have a small $25. per boat derby. Bring in the 6 biggest fish. (2 person limit) 70% of the entry $$ go for 1st place and 30% for the biggest fish. Lots of great prizes.
They have a cookout and the weigh-in is part of the festivities. Great food!! Lots of super prizes like driftboat trips, rods and reels, tackle, taxidermy etc. done by raffle. Must buy a ticket to the fest to be part of the derby and eat and buy tickets. Soooo worth it!!

Heres the deal. The fish are usually real close to shore in front of the Salmon River anywhere from 30 to 120 feet of water. stiff rods with 20-30 pound line does the trick. Spoons, flasher/ flies and j-plugs do the trick. What I am saying is...you dont need a crap load of special equipment. You guys have most of it already.
Lodging can be had for about $25-30 pp per nite at a variety of places. Any tackle store will give you the info as to what and where. radio chatter is a good source too.
Its a super easy drive out there. US90 for most of the way.

You want a chance at a 30+ pound salmon?.....This is the year! A 40+ was already taken this year.

This is my favorite weekend to go to Lake O.... ALL YEAR. The fishing is nuts and the fish are big and mean.

Call me if you have any questions. 508-612-2959
Would love to see some Winni guys up there.

PS - Dave from Dream Chasers Charters (went to the Winni meeting in March) has that Fri, Sat and Sun open due to a cancellation, if anyone is interested in booking a charter.