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Re: ossipee

sorry i could not hook up with you last week. i had no access to a computer but we did manage to hook 2 salmon last mon am on 6 colors of lead line with blue/silver top gun. missed 3. all fish were released. didn't know the limit so i played it safe. went out again on wed and trolled for 3 hours with 1 hit. we were doing the same exact thing and nothing. stoked to get my first trolled salmon. thanks for all the help.

Re: ossipee

hi joe g. deer cove is on the main lake about 1/2 way down on the left side as your heading north. we got 2 salmon on 5 hits on 6 colors on 8/2. then got 1 hit with 0 fish in 3 hrs of fishing on 8/4 doing the same thing. tried mixing up the depths,speed, lures and covered more area but they just were not cooperating. did i see you out there on mon. where you alone with downriggers.

Re: ossipee

Hey Charlie,

he bought an 88 great lakes special. Nice little boat!