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Re: Leadcore line

Best advice, go to AJ's bait and tackle he usually has leadcore set-ups all ready to go, Eagle claw rods, line counter reel, 10 colors of lead, 100' of mono of your choice usually and I think 75-100 yards of dacron backing at a very very reasonable price. I have had mine for 4 years now and have never had a problem with it and if I do All i have to do is bring it back to him as he always stands behind his products 100%. Every year I bring him my reel and he puts new lead etc... on for cheaper then I can do it myself buying the lead etc... Can't go wrong with these set-ups nice action and great Deal!!!!!!!!!!! Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: Leadcore line

18 pound test lead, 20 pound plus on the backing. i fish with a three color setup and count out more backing to go deeper and that works for me all year. i find this setup works good for me right thru the summer and early in the year with planer boards, infact i have been using it this summer as well with the boards ands its catching more than the down riggers this year. the 18 pound test has the best sinkrate of the bunch and stands up a couple years. if you setup with three colors you can setup a second outfit with 7 colors, more than i would ever want to fish with unless i was handlining lakers deep

Re: Leadcore line

Like lol Dave said go to Aj's he will sell you a great combo. Try fishing streamers with the lead line, which you can also get at Aj's. Good luck with the lead line, right now they are at 8 colors for me. Cody