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Re: curious

I have been using a walker deep diver trailed by an 8" spin doctor and a fly with limited success ,it's worth noting that I use a longer than recommended lead between the spin doctor and the fly the action on the fly is what I'm after and on at least two occasions the spin doctor it self was hit.If you run this set up keep it away from your other lines as it can cause major clusters "FAST"!!!

Re: curious

haha, that's usually when stuff like that gets used, when nothing else is working. I was wondering how large can we go with our lures and still catch fish..... would be an interesting thread if people would comment on some of the strangest offerings they have put down that have caught fish!!!!!

I used a spoon clled a KKK once, caught allot of Bass.

Big John

Re: curious

I've used a disco E-Chip flasher as an atractor of the ball with a spoon off a stacker above it. It's worked well for me.

Mike P.

Re: curious

In years past I,ve tried the " cowbells and peanut " setup on Winni. for lakers with no luck. Cal P.

Re: curious

tried the glow evil eye 3 1/2"
couple of northern king 28's w/ ladder tape
no luck at all on squam.

Then again Forry tried all his regular lures & flies w/ the fancy g2 equipment and he had no luck either!!!

anyone else out there trying unconventional winni tackle?

Re: curious

5.25 inch and bigger floating rapalas work well up on chesuncook for salmon, theres alot of chubs on the north end of the lake when the smelt are spawning. you troll fast on chesuncook in spring, not like other lakes. the chartruese yellow one there is killer there in spring