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Re: G2 Ad

John Sampson
That's too bad, seems they are having the Winni syndrome, is anyone looking into it ???

All of us that are using the G2 Boards are having very good results with it, we are running 4 and sometimes 5 colors on Squam. A few guys are running them off the rigger cable, I haven't tried it yet, but they love it. I've been running the G2 Stacker and/or G2 Balls off my 2 riggers, if I had more I might try a bord off it, but it runs good off my planer board.

Hope the fish get over this problem, how's the bait on Sebago this year, same as normal ??? Squam Salmon are normal still, just few and far between, but we did get 1 or 2 undersized this year. Seems like Winni is back to normal, fall netting will tell allot.

Do they do any fall netting surveys on your lake ??? How about fin clipping ?? Do you have a good percentage of native Salmon or are they all stocked ?

Big John

i think they stocked 2000 salmon last year, ive only seen one stocky this season. only one hook damaged fish this year as well. the yoy smelt schools arent setting up as usual, i think the smelt are crashing, plenty down deep feeding lakers but none of those new smelt schools i see up top this time of year. the lake trout are fat fat fat and way to plentiful this year, the winter derby would have helped if they had enough ice, it was a real fiasco this last winter.

i dont think i would run the board with the cable, i see it diving toward the prop and turning into a nightmare, maybe put a planer line attached to the cable the length needed, i dont reel them in anyways, its simple and easy enough to just handline it in, reset up, and toss it back out, i find that to be quicker than the planer reel setup i have and much simpler to do.

they have a biologist on the lake twice a week every other year for the whole season taking fish counts, what they do with the info i dont know but it seems like they are more concerned with the laker population.

Re: G2 Ad

Mike, the G2 Planers run the balls now with a little drag added to the newer release, so that when a fish releases it (which happens allot, lol) the planer keeps jigging. Only crash we had had in weeks is when it picked up a tons of weeds stopping the prop and we run 2, all day 2 (sometimes 3) days a week now, not an issue anymore.

I haven't used it off a rigger yet myself but I recomended it to several guys that didn't have planer mast or reels. They love it and like it better than my set up with the planer mast, etc. which I really like, so it's pretty versitle.

That's too bad, I hope they are watching the Smelt close. My lake has no lakers to speak of anymore which is a problem too. We have a Jack Smelt population that covers the bottom more and more each year and they are cannibalistic and eat Rainbow Smelt, we could use a few Lakers to thin the Jacks out. Fish and Game is concerned but I don't know of any plan yet to control them. I don't think the bows and Salmon eat them much or even go down that deep, it's super cold down there, they sit right on the bottom and work the smelt pods all day long.

I guess every lake has it's own problems.

Big John

Re: G2 Ad

the newest board we have has the green dish shaped thing in front of the clip, is that what your refereing to by extra drag, ours will dive after a release but it usually works long enought to catch and release the fish. im in the habit now of pulling it up before grabing the net as its dads side and he is reeling, my side, the starboard side almost never dives unless the prop gets gunked up with milfoil, grass, or a stick which happens more early spring. are you running the slow prop or the fast prop at higher trolling speeds, we are having better luck with the slow prop when going faster than 2.5

Re: G2 Ad

Fishless, this fish was hook wounded by the looks.


Re: G2 Ad

i didnt notice any wounding other than i inflicted, single hook went thru and grabbed the net on the other side. single hooks, trebles, you just cant win sometimes. would have let him go but it took just a little too much time to get the rubber net unstuck, tore up the net enough that i need a replacement

Re: G2 Ad

For a rookie with a nice boat (if I do say so myself) but no toys yet.... I've been thinking of the g2 planers as a starting point to bring me to the next level. I need GPS/sonar as 1st priority but looking at the G2 planer as a simpler alternative to a rod pumper (that is, no wiring, mounting etc....) I also like temporary things as the fishing boat turns into a ski boat real quick and I store the fishing gear in boat compartments. I don't have downriggers or anything other than rod holders and lead core lines at this point (and I still catch fish; sometimes :-). My question is... should I really get a planer mast or reel first or can the G2 planer tie to a boat cleat or something in the front and 'hand' reel it in as I think was mentioned in the thread? I'm pretty sure this would be sub-optimal so if anyone has any suggestions or leads, I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure even where to look for a mast or reel. AJs I assume would be helpful. Thank you!

Re: G2 Ad

When Paul from Cut2Spec first showed up with a G2 Planer he set it out off my boat with clothesline rope (no lie) he caught a 7 pound Laker with that set up on Squam no less, I think it was July or August.So you can just put it out, but I'd use lighter line than clothesline and don't put it out to ofar if the rope (line) drags on the surface.

A friend caught a real nice Salmon this morning running 5 colors off the G2 Board running an RJ's Red Grey by Cee Dee Streamer, a real decent new pattern Paul is tying, caught allot of BAss with it on Squam last Saturday, lol.

Let us know how you make out.

Big John

Re: G2 Ad

just some planer board line, i like the bright yellow because boats can see it better and ive had marine patrol pull in quickly and almost miss seeing the planer. tie to a cleat is fine, a short saltwater jigging rod and reel in a rod holder if you want to get fancy. i have a planer reel mounted to the front bow rail but only use it when picking up at the end of the day, found its easier to hand line it in and let it out once rigged.

Re: G2 Ad

My question is... should I really get a planer mast or reel first or can the G2 planer tie to a boat cleat or something in the front and 'hand' reel it in as I think was mentioned in the thread?

I tried hand lining this morning (see my other reply to Adam's post). No need at all for a mast setup in my opinion. Worked really well for me...