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Square Pond Sanford ,ME

Got invited to a friends camp over there the last weekend in august. After doing some research it sounds like their use to be some very impressive brown and brook trout in this lake. Has anybody fished this lake or have any suggestions?


Re: Square Pond Sanford ,ME

20 something pound brown trout was caught through the ice there a few years back if it is the square pond in Shapliegh (sp?). I think it is the state record.

Iced fished it once, did not have a great day... all i could think about was fishing it open water!!!

Good luck

Re: Square Pond Sanford ,ME

Yea, that is the one. State record brown trout and some very large brook trout on record. The Maine Fish website site says they do not stock it much anymore due to difficult or private launch sites. Hopefully the browns have continued to grow.