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Re: G2 Ad

When Paul from Cut2Spec first showed up with a G2 Planer he set it out off my boat with clothesline rope (no lie) he caught a 7 pound Laker with that set up on Squam no less, I think it was July or August.So you can just put it out, but I'd use lighter line than clothesline and don't put it out to ofar if the rope (line) drags on the surface.

A friend caught a real nice Salmon this morning running 5 colors off the G2 Board running an RJ's Red Grey by Cee Dee Streamer, a real decent new pattern Paul is tying, caught allot of BAss with it on Squam last Saturday, lol.

Let us know how you make out.

Big John

Re: G2 Ad

just some planer board line, i like the bright yellow because boats can see it better and ive had marine patrol pull in quickly and almost miss seeing the planer. tie to a cleat is fine, a short saltwater jigging rod and reel in a rod holder if you want to get fancy. i have a planer reel mounted to the front bow rail but only use it when picking up at the end of the day, found its easier to hand line it in and let it out once rigged.

Re: G2 Ad

My question is... should I really get a planer mast or reel first or can the G2 planer tie to a boat cleat or something in the front and 'hand' reel it in as I think was mentioned in the thread?

I tried hand lining this morning (see my other reply to Adam's post). No need at all for a mast setup in my opinion. Worked really well for me...