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Re: Rigging The G2 Planner

After reading Fishlessman's post about hand lining these, I decided to try it this morning, instead of using my riggers. Was much easier to haul back in, and I tied a second loop about 2 feet from the board so I could quickly hang it up on the gunnel while attaching the line to the release. Work really slick, not need for me to have mast, reel setup. Thanks for an excellent product!

Re: Rigging The G2 Planner

I assume there is a power source. Does it run on batteries or something? Next, would you recommend the 'regular' or the 'quick jig' model in this area? Thank you!

Re: Rigging The G2 Planner

The most success that has been reported to us this year seems to be with the quick jig. The G2 has a prop on the front and when you pull it through the water while trolling the prop runs the jigging gears. No power required from a battery.