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Winni Fishing Reports

Hear the fishing on winni has been real good. But I don't see any reports to back these theory"s up.Haven"t been on winni for a while. So I don"t have anything to report. Bring the reports back and make this site interesting again. Please

Re: Winni Fishing Reports

I can give a second hand report. My dad fished on Wednesday and he and his buddy boated 15 Salmon from daybreak until around 10:00am The four they brought home tipped the scales at just over 16lbs. Best trip they had in years. All fish in the 3-4lb class, Fished north of Rattlesnake and Diamond.

Re: Winni Fishing Reports

Now thats some good news thanks. I Have heard rumors of salmon up to 6 lbs. If I caught a 6 lb salmon. I would sure give a report. Great report thanks for sharing.Were they using the g2 jigger.

Re: Winni Fishing Reports

Fishing has been exceptional. The quality is very impressive and the action has been steady. The fish are feeding on smelt from Yoy's to older 3" smelt as well as Perch Fry. Our best luck is first light running sparse tied flies. Six colors on lead core and 30' on the rigger's. I have had my best results fishing the "edge" of humps where it comes up from deep water to 40-60', you will find the bait stacked in these areas and fishing the edges of these under water reefs has produce day in and day out.

Aboard the Cool Water we have caught some very large Winni Salmon with great success putting the "Studs" back to be caught another day. Remeber keep the skinny Hook wounded and put back the quality! I can't say this enough if we all take our two biggest Salmon every trip we will be heading for poor quality once again!!! This A.M. We boated a "Stud" of a five year old Male the best fish of the morning by far we netted him with a rubber net quick photo and back in!!!!! Let's keep the quality in the lake and cull out the beat up seconds. You want big Salmon in lake Winni if we all do this with discipline we will!!!

SELECT HARVEST and fun fishing get out there and enjoy..... I'll be on the water everyday all day ch12!

Cool Water

Re: Winni Fishing Reports

I have been fishing the north end of rattlesnake and dimond all year and never caught that many fish sounds like a great day. What depth was your father fishing? and what color lures or flies? I have been fishing about 40ft on the riggers and 8 colors of lead line and in the last four days have not caught anything!

Re: Winni Fishing Reports

Thanks Travis and Cody for the reports. Great detailed report Travis. Fished Sat. Caught one laker and one Bass.Got both at the same time go figure. Also had 5 LDRS. That is usually our plans to fish around the humps and dropoff. Near deep water but didn" get much for action. Usually our back up plan is to fish deep water 80+ that didn"t work today either. Don"t have a radio only way to get info is from this site.

Re: Winni Fishing Reports

They started the morning fishing deep 200 feet plus of steel proably 35 feet down after about 1.5 hr of nothing the came up 25-30 feet and in less then 5 min they had doubles all fish were caught 25-30' using the maynards Fly.