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Re: Rainbows?

I have found that I catch more bows in August than any other time of year. Rainbows unlike Salmon can withstand warmer water so they cruise and eat insect's, snails and many other non our prsentation baits in shallow water not where we are fishing. But when August hits it seems they go main lake and chase smelt and perch fry more probably because it's an easy target this time of year. What time of day was this trip? I catch more Bows later in the day on my evening trips and find that they like a bit faster presentation... Not cut in stone just some things I ahve noticed...

Cool Water

Re: Rainbows?

Rainbows are more tolerant of warmer water. Your set up today might have been running a little higher than usual?
Pretty common to have a bow mixed in, 3 is a good day!

Re: Rainbows?

I think they are now in the same depth range as the Salmon.To feed on baby white perch and yoy smelt. We didn"t start caughting them last year until Aug.

Re: Rainbows?

Triple D, Bingo! Caught 3 the other day 40 to 50'!