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Re: FLAGS!!!

Does this mean we are going to recieve our flags purchased at the gathering now?polebreaker

Re: FLAGS!!!

Got my flag from Travis the other day. They're blessed by the fish gods. Flew it on my boat this morning and had our best day yet this year. Fished from 5:30 til 8:00. Caught 7 lakers, 1 rainbow and 2 salmon and several LDRs. Kept us very busy. Caught fish from 30 to 45 feet on streamers. White perch took the rainbow and the rest were on I fly I tie that has red, orange gold and silver in it. G2 stacker outfished the straight downrigger and lead line. Fish were all chunky and in good health so were released for another day.
Dave Stevens (Finaddiction)

Re: FLAGS!!!

How will the people who bought one at the gathering get theirs?

Re: FLAGS!!!