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First Time For Winnisquam

Okay, I know this is a tough question to ask folks to give up some spots. We are coming up this weekend for vacation and it will be my first time on Winnisquam.I'm bringing my 78 year old blind father. We are gonna be hunting smallmouth. Can I have a few suggestions on where to start looking?

Re: First Time For Winnisquam

Not many Bass fisherman on this site, we used to fish that lake years ago for Bass. I can give you a few rough areas. Coming out of the river from Laconia there is a small island on your right, a few hundred yards off that Island there is a hump that holds Smallies quite often.

Going up the west shore, about 1/2 way up the lake in close there is a house with big porch with white ballisters, fish between the rafts in front of this house, nice largemouths.

Then allmost to the furthest north end of the lake, again on the west shore there is a little house on its own island a few feet from shore, cant miss it. Fish that shoreline around and south of the little house for nice mix of small and large mouths. The lake is real narrow at this point and both shore lines hold fish.

There is one other spot that holds big largemouths that I know of, at the extreme south end of the lake, the river going out holds lots of nice fish, huge Bass. We always saw them there but could never get a strike, lots of sunken tree branches, etc. along the shore ???????

Sorry but that is the best I can do from memory, been at least 10 or 15 years since I fished where I described.

Good luck,

Big John

Re: First Time For Winnisquam

That sounds great I was looking at the map and thinking about a couple of those areas. My father and I thank you for the tip. :)

Re: First Time For Winnisquam

Hope it works, I have friends that live on the lake but they are all trollers for Salmon and Trout. I'll ask if they have any additional tips.

Big John