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Re: Squam 3 day report

ive had good experiences with Fish307. can you set the drags lighter with the cannons.

I've dealt with Jeff at Fish307 for quite a few years, good guy, go above and beyond to give customer satisfaction. He once sent me a dozen or more Suttons the wrong size, I called him and he told me to keep them and he sent me out the correct ones, n/c. Good people in my book.

Can do most anything with a Digitrol IV, I just neglected to do it right,lol. First mistake was to set it to stay 30 feet off the bottom, can't do it in 22 feet of water, it just kept trying to come up, if I had the clutch set looser it would have been OK, I think, even with my careless 30 foot setting. All this quick (stupid)thinking was to save me from loosing a 5.00 streamer now and then, now who knows how much it will be to repair it, oh well.

Only problem I ever had with Fish307 was a few times I asked for next day delivery and they didn't do it, Jeff figured it would be here next day with standard ground anyhow because we are close. I called him and told him I appreciated him trying to save me money, but UPS comes here late in the day and I wanted to leave early the next day to the lake. Now if I say NEXT DAY, it's here before I leave and I pay the price.

I like patronizing the local guys and do, but somtimes you need to go elsewhere. I would have sent the rigger to Peter at Cannon, great guy, but he said he had a 2 week back log. Fish307 said they can have it out the same day. I asked Peter what he thought and he said Fish307 is good and to send it there.

Good people everywhere I guess, finding them sometimes aint so easy though.

Big John

Re: Squam 3 day report

I have also gotten some gear from fish 307. Fun place to go walk around!

Thanks for the report John!

Good luck with the rigger!


Re: Squam 3 day report

Thanks Cody, I've never been there, but they are very good in a pinch. I have no fear it will be fixed well and maybe back by Friday ????

Big John