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Re: Calling W-Fat

OK we were looking for "a boater" to drive the boat tomorrow while Russ and I fished.

Big John

Re: Calling W-Fat and Squam report

John; he is on vacation this week.Kissen butt this week with the kids mother I would guess.I think today he is picking up his new 4 wheeler.Retiring at the end of month.I`ll give you a call from winni in the morning.B-man

He e mailed me Sunday when I was on the way back to Mass, he gave me a few dates he can squeeze me in, he is an excellent "Boater", one I can trust at helm on The Barge. Anyone that can get him to drive theor boat should not miss the oppertunity.

As far as a "new" 4-wheeler (if you mean a truck) I hope to hell it's not 10' off the ground like his present ride, I needed a ladder to climb up onto it..

Squam report:
The big fish are still safe in Squam, 6 lines, 5.5 hours today, "1 BITE", very heavy fish, I held the rod and let him rip off the drag while Floyd and Roger (Fishin Squam Again) argued who would take the rod, "you take it, no you take it, no you take it",etc, etc. Finally Roger took the rod, the fish still ripping line off, big time, a real head shaking screamer the whole time he was on..

I asked Floyd to steer a little to the the right to shorten the line and help Roger out as he could not stop it from running. The line went slack and fish was gone, we reeled the line in expecting a broken off leader, all was well, streamer inbtact ???? He must have felt a slight slack in the line when we turned into him and one of his head shakes got him off easily it seemed, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

So "Walter" is still alive and well, would you believe that was the "only bite of the day". No Salmon at all for The Barge this weekend, only decent fish was a 4.5 pound Bow boated by Russ Johnson yesterday.

Big John