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Re: I,m Still here LOL

Get Well soon Dave.
Do your therapy so you can get back out on the water and in the woods soon.............Good Luck!

Re: I,m Still here LOL

Thanks everyone, Had a little setback, but am now at a great Rehab Hospital called Healthsouth In Concord N.H. Had a good day today, and walked just about 150' with my walker, if everything goes well, should be out of here by next weekend. I have all the determination and will power I need now, When they loaded me into the ambulance to bring me down here, and I saw my Big Little Girl crying Uncontrolably, Yup I don't ever wanna see my girl cry like that again, Broke my heart and Made me determined as All He__ to get back on my feet and get home. Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: I,m Still here LOL

hi david
you going make it david. keep your little girl in your heart. it just take time jim