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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Fri/Sat Winni report

I had a pretty good 2 days on the big pond. Friday was holy crap windy but I still managed to put a couple of fish in the boat. I hooked up on a nice 2 year old and a giant really fat 5 year old male that measured in at just over 23 1/2 inches. I did not put him on a scale as I wanted to get him back into the water to fight another day. Saturday I found the 3 year olds, all males, and they all looked fat and healthy. I did not come across any racers or hook wounded fish so all were released to go forth and multiply. All salmon were caught on YOY smelt imitations flies. The flies varied in color and the big producing fly of the day is now being called the General Stark. I thought it was about time that the guy who came up with the New Hampshire state motto had his own fly.
Depths were between 30-37 on the riggers using the G2jigger with 2 colors of lead off the release. I landed fish in the morning and in the evening, up north and down south and all fish were of similar quality.
I would say that the fishery is doing pretty dang good this season...let's keep it that way! Just remember what NH F&G says about practicing selective harvest! Throw the trophies back in and keep the wounded and this fishery will keep getting better! OK enough with the preaching for now but it has been an incredible season so far and I think we are all glad it is getting better and would like to start seeing some "Squam" sized salmon in winni!
Tight lines,

Re: Fri/Sat Winni report

Great report Link thanks for shareing.