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Re: Question for Gus or any other persons who want to talke a crack at it.

John, We even caught more fish!!!!


Re: Question for Gus or any other persons who want to talke a crack at it.

Letting out more mono behind the lead core is counterproductive in getting deeper; the mono only adds drag and lift to the system. To get deeper two (2) things will do it, slow down or add more weight.

Have no idea how deep you get with the mono and 2.7mph.



Re: Question for Gus or any other persons who want to talke a crack at it.

So what is the ideal length of mono behind the lead I've used 100',75'&50' catch rate doesn't seem to be effected so where does the mono start to lift???

Re: Question for Gus or any other persons who want to talke a crack at it.

John, I think your guess is about right at 35 feet given the sink rate of leadcore at that speed BUT remember that the G2 will speed up as it takes in line then "release" line back out and during that release process the speed will slow significantly (I don't know for sure but the speed may actually approach "0"). Depending how long this speed decrease happens, your line will be in almost free fall and could drop enough to catch bottom....especially if that line is on the inside of a turn. An uneducated guess is that during this time, you could add 10 feet or more to your depth then the G2 picks up line and speeds up and your line comes off bottom.

To answer the other question just posted, I usually but 20-30 ft of mono followed by 8-10 feet of floro leader after reading that the leadcore line itself imparts action on the bait and the more mono and leader, the more this action is dampened.

Re: Question for Gus or any other persons who want to talke a crack at it.

I talk to allot of folks that use about 30 main line and the approximate length of your rods for leader. I run about 100 feet of main line on my lead core set ups in the spring and about 50 as the fish go deeper.

In the spring depth (getting deep) is not that important as it is maybe in mid July/August.

But I will shorten up my main lines this wekend to about 30' and increase my leader pound test.

Leaders should be changed every few weeks if you fish allot and checked for knicks, etc. every time you put a line out.

This time of year it might not be a bad idea to step up in leader strength when you change or check leaders as the biggest Salmon of the year will be caught in August and September. And don't be duped like myself and others into using 4 or 6 pound Tatsu as leader, use regular flurocarbon "leader material", I prefer the Seaguar leader material, Seaguar Tatsu is excellent main line, but not for leaders..

AJ's has all your Seaguar needs covered, leader material and main line, but leave a few spools of 8# leader for me.

Everyone have a great weekend, weather looks super.

Big John

lead core on g2


try this on your g2 ....for depth.....

1....do not squib your lead core line ..connect the lead core line to the release...not to monofilament line

2. use following: use 25 feet of lead core out...and 30 feet of monofilling ..and then do the following:

try 50 feet of lead core....ect...keep trying more and more......i think then length of the lead core you are using on the g2 does not make a difference as far as depth is concerned....because it is a straight pull off the g2...you are forgetting when you fish your rod off the boat..the angle of line is different.......what i mean by this is that when you use the g2 you have a line that is L shaped...goes down and out.....On the pole dragging under normal coniditons the line is at a different angle...and why you squid this line ...is for action.....because your lead core actually works your line with the fly on it in the squid position.....I think it does nothing down on the g2.........g2 does the work for you ......

the line and fly only sinks when g2 is going back free ..coming off the spool......like a wounded fish......so the way to get deeper with your g2 is to go down deeper...my experience on squam is that there is no bottom ..it is all rocks....so you are at the risk of losing your gear..john....

my experience fishing in the months of july and august is that this is the toughest fishing time of the year... as you know........I also think that you using four to six lines in the water at this time of year scares your fish....the fish are very shy this time of year..catching them early morning and late evening is better fishing and not a noon time....do you sit out an noon having a cocktail when it is 90 to 100 degrees in the open sun?.....fish feel the same way....so to catch them and get them to bite ...is a bit of problem...so you need to fish something that the fish will hit....BIG is better.cause they are not going to extended there engry for anything less.....there is no one fly that works all the time....that is why we tie some many flies john.......john when i was fishing more then i have been lately ...my fishing partner is no longer with me ..he is the big fish pond in the sky...

he always taught me to keep trying different flies and i always laugh when he told me to tie these odd looking flies..double tandems 4 inches long.... for trout.....we caught many trout over the years to many to count...i can honestly say we where never skunked....

so try experimenting one color at a time ...in 30 feet of leader...no more or less then that.

i have playing with the new g2 planer board with my spinning spoons..with just monofilament...i have tried at different lengths of monofilament on my line counter reel....i have been using a single hook on the lure ..i tip it with the head of a nightcrawler...this seems to work in the hot weather for trout... at various deepths...

i having fun with this new planning board..paul has the bugs out of it...it does not sink anymore..... the tow line works good ...on my small boat....

so john ...this is my two sense worth you can take it or leave it...good luck jim.....

Re: lead core on g2

Jim, you lost me a little with the "squid", etc. I'll call you on my way to the lake this afternoon and we can talk about it if ya home.

Either way I'll talk to you this weekend.

Big John