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Re: help fishing squam lake

get all set up for salmon fishing (6-9 colors, 32-45' on the riggers) use all the usual salmon spoons and troll between 2.2 and 2.8 and you should get into the bass and maybe catch an occasional salmon or rainbow. Works for us and we aren't even trying for bass!!!!

True, True, True, one day earlier this month we caught more Bass in a single day than over 20 years on the Lake, most of those years spent Bass fishing, they averaged 2.5 to 3.5 pounds, no little ones??????????

Then you have a day when no Bass at all, other days a mix of everything, steady action with Salmon maybe thrown in the mix.

Many days I look at my maps of the lake (Navionics) and I say what a piece of cake Bass fishing would be with this map, but then I come back to reality and there is no piece of cake when targeting "any species" in Squam, ha,ha..

Big John

Re: help fishing squam lake

Tournaments release a lot of bass in Cotton Cove, and we also find a large number of dead bass after any bass tournaments.


Re: help fishing squam lake

whiny biatchhh

Re: help fishing squam lake

What's a "biatchhh"??? New fly or spoon???