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Tuesday Night Newfound Rookie Rpt

Finally, an evening to myself to troll. Ahhhhh. Decided to try Newfound as Squam has been a challenge. Trolled 2 lines from ~5:30-7:30pm 6-8 colors with a 61Gun and Sutton44. Caught my very first laker ever about 6pm on the 44 at 8 colors. It was barely a keeper and in good shape so released unharmed. 10 minutes later, same thing, this time a nicer fish (and better fight) at ~23 inches. Got hooked up thru the eye though and was a bleeder so brought it home to try my first taste of lake trout. Switched the other line to a 44 and out to 8 colors also looking for the real big one but to no avail. Had an LDR before calling it quits.

Re: Tuesday Night Newfound Rookie Rpt

Fishing and catching are directly proportionate with time spent on the water, once the newness of the biat wears off, maybe the wide will stay home more often, or take up fishing,ha,ha.

Squam may not be a good lake for any new guy, handicapped without a GPS/Sonar, etc. makes it rally had. Even doing everything right sometimes produces nothing on that lake, it can get very discouraging.

We have about a 1 Salmon average the past 2 months, fishing 4 to 6 lines, 6 to 8 hours each weekend day, allot of skunked days too. Last Sunday, one bite, 6 lines, 7 hours and we didn't get the fish to the boat, that's enough to get anyone down (except me, lol)

There is something to be said for lakes with Lake Trout, if nothing else bites you can always catch a Laker maybe. Squam Lake Trout population is little to none, they do not reproduce in Squam. There may be a few left from early 90's stockings (hold on if ya catch one of these) or from bucket biologist that bring a few in from Winni now and then. We caught one Laker last year and none so far this year, normally we might get one a year.

Try a few of the other Lakes like Stinson, Wuakewan, there are a bunch close to you, all with good fishing.

Once you get better prepared, then go back and give Squam a try, should be good next year with a new supply of 2 yr olds from this years stocking. There are no 2's and no 3's and only a handful of 4 and 5 year old fish, slim pickens.

Big John