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Re: RFP "Armada/bar-b-que"

WOW, I ws thinking just now "those guys will have a nice day today after being rained out yesterday", then I read yoiur post. You guys deserve allot of credit for braving yestedays YUK weather, rain, wind, etc.

Glad to hear you had a great time.

Big John
"who's Still baby sitting 8 to 6 everyday, hoping to get away early Friday and head north".

Re: RFP "Armada/bar-b-que"

We did have a very fun day. I had Floydo, Hal, and his bride Karin with me on the Peggy "C". We caught some big Salmon and a Laker. Got drenched, and freshened up my German. Sang some songs. Karin is going to try and locate a couple of my old friends from Munich. I didn't realize Hal could sing so well. lol.


Re: RFP "Armada/bar-b-que"

What about Floydo, he can sing a mean tune and dance up a storm.

Big John

Re: RFP "Armada/bar-b-que"

There was enough wind that day. :>)