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Welcome Fish Lake Winni Anglers
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Lake O

Just got back from another 5 days on the lake. First day was tough as the wind had the lake temp all screwed up. We fished 500+ to get a normal lake temp. Boated 5 fish lost another 6 so not a bad day. Second day was a technical blow off. We got out in the morning in 4-6'ers and trolled with the waves which built to 10'ers
before we were done. took two rips on the copper but the wave surges straightened out the hooks. Fourth day was a great morning in comparison to other boats we went 7-11 landing coho's, kings and a nice brown. One of the king's got on the LOC board. Evening trip only produced one steelhead. Last morning was good. We fished off the SR and it was bare knuckle trolling. Boats everywhere. We doubled up with our spread in the water less than four minutes. Landed both fish. Then around 10:30 we took another fish over 80' of water on a dipsie, boxed that fish as well. Had to pull lines for me to make the run home. Great trip and plenty of fish off the SR in 60-80' of water. It has broken loose out there as fish are up the river as well. One guy was 7-24 fishing the river on Friday evening.
Good luck if you get out there.