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G2 Stacker

thanks for the tips and info. I'm somewhat new to the salmon hunt so this info is invaluable. I just bought one of the g2 stackers but haven't really used it much due to the trouble I've been having setting it up. Well hopefully I can use ur tips rhis weekend to put some fish in the boat.
See you on the water.

G2 Stacker is simple, attach it it to your downrigger cable, be sure to use safety clip. Attach it above your downrigger ball about 3 feet. Let out 3 colors of in-line lead and attach clip to the mono, let it down with plenty of slack, pulling extra line out as it goes down, we run it down about 8 or 10 feet at a time stopping to make sure the rod tip is twitching, continue putting it down to 25/35 feet. Do not crank down the rod as you would normally, just crank it down enough that you can see the rod twitch when the G2 jigs.

If using 2 colors, go down 25/30 feet, if using 3 colors, put ball down 20/25. I try to have combined lead (4 or 5 feet per color) and ball 35 to 40 feet, this will work fine even if your line and stacker is 3 to 4 feet above the "ball", your in the strike zone or just above it.

How to set up your in-line lead.

Attach 2 or 3 colors of lead to your main line (make sure you have enough room on the reel first) then attach another 30 feet of line after the lead core, then your 8 foot leader and your streamer, we use small barrel swivels where each line is attached to the next..

Attach line to the release after you have the 2 or 3 colors of lead out, do not attach the release to the lead core, attach it to the mono..

Most important is maintain 2.5 to 2.7 (or even 3+) mph to get proper jigging action, speed is not important at all when fishing streamers, faster is better sometimes.

G2's take a little practice setting up, same as any new tool, once you get the hang of it, you wont go fishing without them. Rod pumpers are excellent as well, but quite a bit more expensive, G2's are a poor mans rod pumper, equaly as effective.

I like the "Quick Jigs" best, but they have slower G2's as well..

Big John

Re: G2 Stacker

Do these G2 stackers require inline leadcore to work properly? Won't they work with just mono line?

Re: G2 Stacker

I don't have much experience with the g2 so I'm probably not the person to ask but yes you can use just mono as well. However I've been hearing from a bunch of people this trick with lead and mono works well.

Re: G2 Stacker

Possible with just mono, but it can difficult and maybe frustating. I wouldn't recomend it without a proper release and drag set up, in development stages now. Will be available next spring, it will be only a small modification and 2 second swap over, different release/drag.

I would buy one now, use it with mono and lead core combination (super set up) and very easy to use and ctaches fish. Get used to it, then next spring pick up the new style release, work it out with the G2 people.

Big John