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Re: fishin anyone, sat report

we caught most of our fish between 35 and 45 ft on the rigger but also caught one and missed another at 7 colors on the lead. Most were caught on a green and pink sppon with black dots. That probably caught 75 percent of our fish. The streamers were orange and yellow on one and blue and black on another. If it makes you feel any better I pretty much got skunked on sunday. I tried everything in my arsenal to no avail. I'm goin up the last wekend this month. If ur interested in goin just let me know.

Re: fishin anyone, sat report

Thanks for the info matt, Yeah maybe the pink and green is were its at but my normal streamers were not working... Firesmelt streamers worked all year for me but the last couple times out the produced nothing... I'm going out early tomorrow morning... i wont be able to join you for the last weekend because i have my 2 year old son for the weekend.. couple more years and i'll be taking him out with me..

Re: fishin anyone, sat report

I think this time of year you will have trouble finding them where you normally do, they are in pre-spawn mode or will be very soon, not that hungry and not in the real deep water.

The yearlings will still be where they have been all year, so stay away from there as ther most likely will be no older fish there with them.

Try Elacoya or other areas with incoming streams, they will be cruising the shoreline looking for these streams.

Big John