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Squam Lake Weekend Report

We fished a small gathering on Squam Lake this weekend with 3 boats and about 10 guys. The fishing started on Friday at about 3 PM and ended on Sunday at noon. Although we had a blast the catching wasn't too great. Total fish between the 3 boats was about 20 fish. All the fish caught were Rainbow Trout. Not a salmon or laker to be found. Most of the fishing happened in Little Squam. Although one boat did venture over to Big Squam on Saturday morning. None of the big boys on Squam wanted to play this weekend. The biggest fish caught were several 18" Rainbows that were tagged for the rotary derby. Fish on my boat were all caught at 10-15 feet deep while another boat was doing all their catching at 35 feet. I was marking a lot of fish at 35 feet but they didn't seem to be hungry. The third boat didn't seem to be doing a lot of catching period (one fish for the weekend LOL). Only hot lure on my boat was a silver/red unknown spoon my brother bought at a yard sale for 50 cents similar in size to a DB Smelt.

The river coming out of little squam towards the dam is rediculously shallow. I only got stuck in soft mud once thankfully. I did not do the channel between little and big after I heard the state boat could not make it out to the lake from the state launch on the channel.

Good luck to all on the last weekend of the season next weekend!

Re: Squam Lake Weekend Report

I fished Squam, Fri, Sat for 4 hours and Sunday for 3 hours.
Got five rainbows and a 10 inch salmon.

Got the salmon at first light Sat. and was holding the line to put it on the downrigger release when it hit. Didn't even have the rod in the holder.
It was less tha 10 feet behind the boat.

The chanell between little and big Squam is very shallow. The lake is over 3 feet down from spring level. (It may be more than that)
I was told today that it was one inch above winter level for late November.!!!!


Re: Squam Lake Weekend Report

Good report, thanks. I hope you had a few beers and laughs anyhow. I'll e mail you more info on the lake depth, etc. later.

Big John

Re: Squam Lake Weekend Report

A buddy of mine a I were up for a few days of fishing. It was nice to see so many boats trolling in little squam. Our results were similar, mostly rainbows but did manage one nice 22" salmon Saturday evening. All but one fish caught on a fly at 35 ft.