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Re: CoolWater

John, I was with Travis this past weekend up in Pittsburg NH. I know he has been up there since mid-week last week scouting for moose season. I also learned first hand there is absolutely no cell phone reception anywhere in that region. So in a sense you are right, he is deep in the woods. Take care and thanks for having me on the barge this year, it was great to fish with you. Keith

Re: CoolWater

That's about what I figuered, he's sniffin them out.

My pleasure, your welcome on The Barge anytime your in the area.

Big John

Re: CoolWater

You can get service off of a tower in Canada at the top of Diamond Ridge. Thats about the only place in Pittsburg to get service. I have been told it is a pricey phone call due to the fact that the tower is in canada.

Re: CoolWater

Yes your right about that. We happened to make that mistake last year on my wifes cell phone. We never knew we were utilizing canadian cell towers for the calls. OUCH!