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Re: LCI Fathers Day Tourney

If you are talking about {"The new guy seemed pretty cocky that he could "give them whatever they wanted" in his own words"} from last fall or winter? I was at Powder Mill a month or so ago and was told by an employee that, that guy had been replaced twice since last fall. Read in to it what you want :)
Joe G, sorry to hijack your post. Wish I could help you. I know you will have a great time. Champ is a great fishery!

Ditto Joe G,

Ha,ha, I guess I'm not surprised, he must have got under too many peoples skin, but I was told he did a great jib at Milfor hatchery ????? I wonder why, I'll have to ask a few peopole I know and see what I can find out, but I doubt they will say much. At any rate I will be going there before the snow flys.

Joe G, our earlier olan that did not happen, will be great in the Spring, lets plan on it.

Big John

Re: LCI Fathers Day Tourney

Thanks John,

I kept reading how slow the fishing was at Squam, so I waited until it was nearing sept 30th. Turns out that Jake took a tumble down the stairs and also thought he caught Lyme disease for the second time. He's fine now. I'll see you in the spring. Thanks again for the offer. JoeG