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Re: Re:Powdermill fish hatchery

triple D
Its called budget cuts. This state government. Will take money from anywhere to balance the budget. And fish and game is always the first to get hit.We have lost the funds to have access to sunapee. To balance the state budget what will be next.

Well someone has to run the place, job comes with a house across from the hatchery too. Not sure if it's mandatory to live thgere but if it is, maybe folks don't like living on site ? I never thought about that before, to pull up and move to your job, maybe people didn't like that part and requested a move ??

Re: LCI Fathers Day Tourney

If you are talking about {"The new guy seemed pretty cocky that he could "give them whatever they wanted" in his own words"} from last fall or winter? I was at Powder Mill a month or so ago and was told by an employee that, that guy had been replaced twice since last fall. Read in to it what you want :)
Joe G, sorry to hijack your post. Wish I could help you. I know you will have a great time. Champ is a great fishery!

Ditto Joe G,

Ha,ha, I guess I'm not surprised, he must have got under too many peoples skin, but I was told he did a great jib at Milfor hatchery ????? I wonder why, I'll have to ask a few peopole I know and see what I can find out, but I doubt they will say much. At any rate I will be going there before the snow flys.

Joe G, our earlier olan that did not happen, will be great in the Spring, lets plan on it.

Big John

Re: LCI Fathers Day Tourney

Thanks John,

I kept reading how slow the fishing was at Squam, so I waited until it was nearing sept 30th. Turns out that Jake took a tumble down the stairs and also thought he caught Lyme disease for the second time. He's fine now. I'll see you in the spring. Thanks again for the offer. JoeG