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Re: Sunday Pats game

Wow what a game the the 4th and 5th quaters there was not a person sitting that place was so loud,pretty exciting and a great game.The bad thing was that my son got a phone call when we were in the parking lot that his best friend was one of the kids that was killed in the accident saturday in Keene.It has been a tuff couple of days.Wake is tomorrow and funeral is thursday.They have been friends since grade school,played high school football together,fish and hunted together.It just is not right.Parents should not have to bury kids,kids should be burying the parents.Till next time a very sad B-man

Re: Sunday Pats game


Sorry to hear of the loss, real tough to even think about.... I was at the game as well we have company tickets for fidelity club seating [Red seats half way up] our new parking is on the east side now were the Patriots and coachs drive in to the stadium we parked next to that high securty entrance. Great Game best one I have ever been too for sure.


Re: Sunday Pats game

B-Man...Sincerely sorry to hear that horrible news. Tell your son he is in our thoughts and prayers!