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Re: reply to an old post and Squam netting and outlook

Do you think predation has taken the 2009 year class? What predators in Squam could do that? Spike in lake trout? Smallmouth? Disease?

I had a average Spring on Winni...maybe less fish but bigger average size. I am going to dedicate myself to identifying year class this coming spring.

I made a new post above responding to some of your questions in detail..

In brief, Squam has virtually no Lake Trout at all, they do not pro-create in Squam and no stockings have been done since the early 90's. If we had a strong Laker population like all the other lakes, who knows what the effect would be ??? Lakers are one problem Squam does not have.

Knowing the age of the fish caught and e mailing that info in a creel survey (fish caught/size/ weight/hours fished/number of lines, etc) to John Viar at Fish and Game would go along way in insuring that we have a decent, if not super fishery. Right now (being generous) they get only 2 or 3 creel surveys a week from all the lakes combined. Many of you keep this data for your own use, why not share it with Fish and Game, they despreatley need your input. I think the Guides should be mandated to turn in this data after each charter, many would have no problem with this, but it's not required.

Big John