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Re: Spring Derby

Thank you for your inquiry re. Derby ’11. The 29th annual Winni Derby
will be held on May 13, 14 & 15, 2011.
All looks well for 2011 and hope you can join us.
Best regards,
Rick Davis
Executive Director
Winni Derby
PO Box 267
Center Harbor, NH 03226

Re: Spring Derby

I agree with C.C. one more year of no derby to heal wouldn't hurt.My .02

Re: Spring Derby

The quality of the Winni Salmon has improved, the numbers in the nets seem to be way down.

If they have granted the permit it will happen unless the organizers decide to postpone it.

I didn't think Rick Davis was involved any more, didn't he sell it to the Winni Ice Derby group people ????

I agree, anotyher year or get rid of it all together, no Derby in 2010 seems to have helped the quality quite a bit from all reports and from the early net results.

Lastly, nobody is twisting your arm to fish the Derby, if you realy want to help Winni, boycott it and don't fish it. I knpw a ton of people that have said the will not fish the Derby, some never again, a few are guides too.

They should take a hard look at the Ice Derby rules too, but I think allot of folks (not me,Brrrr) look forward to that one more than spring, kind of a nice break bewteen end of hunting (again not me) season and April 1st.

Big John

Re: Spring Derby

Winter derby rules should be changed they should target Lakers instead of rainbows that way less salmon would be caught and hook wounded only my 2 cents!!!!