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Re: Opening day rifle

Take it, grab a shotgun and put him down, you have paralisis by analasis

Re: Opening day rifle

Just use a bow... hunt from a tree stand... your shot will be silent and into the ground (if you miss). Its the closest thing to not having been there and a very ethical way to handle the situation. Happy to hear you are as concerned about the outcome as you are. A lot of people just don't care anymore and that is a sad thing. Nothing worse than upsetting non-hunters and turning them into anti-hunters.

Re: Opening day rifle

I agree with Craig. Grab the bow.
I have a couple of places that are similar, deer get pushed into "neighborhoods". I could probably pull off a legal gun shot but would ruin the spots forever.

Good luck with the deer and your decision!!!

Re: Opening day rifle

Hehe, good one John. I would probably tell you if you did hunt as you've been such a great help to me this year. The problem I'm struggling with right now is I'm not sure this deer can be hunted. He somehow (thanks to the rut?) worked his way into this little patch of woods between the river and a bunch of houses. While I could get a safe (and legal) shot off, it is not a deep wilderness hunting area as it is used by many to jog or walk dogs along the river, etc... It is seldom used this time of year, it is not posted, all are welcome, but it is private land and I'm afraid I would really upset the applecart if I went for it. On one hand, I don't want to be the 'bad' apple that spoils the bunch. On the other hand, I have the buck of a lifetime (literally) living down the street from me and unless he crosses the road or the river, I think he will be in there for a bit. I could ask for permission but am 99% sure the answer would be no. Plus, while I know, in general, asking landowner permission is proper, I have a hard time doing it. Maybe I'm too shy but more that I don't feel right being a stranger knocking on your door in this day and age. Such is the world today with too much bad stuff in the news. So, do I shoot first and apologize later? I don't think I can do it. So, maybe I open it up for intersting (or not) discussion here. What would you guys do? Again, the land is not posted, it would all be legal and fair chase. But, would it be ethical? And, if so, would that land get posted pretty darn quick and ruin it for all my fellow dog lovers next summer? Stick with fishing John. For one you are very good at it. Also, while there are always issues, they are less complicated than hunting, I think. In the meantime, I gotta go find another buck. :-) Good luck guys!

this sounds like its in my area I have the same problem river ,houses and dog walkers and I feel the same way I wouldnt go to the owner and ask either just doesnt feel right . good luck.

Re: Opening day rifle

He's gone. I tried getting in there with the bow at O'Dark Thirty one morning. I setup in a little 'ground blind' on the edge of the field (basically a punch of thick pine sapplings) near where he would have entered. Although not ideal, my tree stands are all hung. I guess I need a spare. Anyway, he was a no show so I then tried still hunting in there but he's gone. It is such a small area, I would surely have jumped him. Oh well, I've seen a ton of deer this year (mild winter last year?). Seen at least 1 every day out so far, all does (as far as I know, had crosshairs on one at first legal light with estrous out near a scrape, thought it would surely be a buck but I couldn't make out any antlers in the barely light at 80 yards. 3,2,1 gone. So, not much time to decide.) Weird thing happened to me yesterday. Spotted a doe frozen at 40 yards. We had a staring contest until she slowly walked up to me to about 8 yards. She won, I backed off and she walked away. :-) I must have been the first human she ever seen, very weird. Good luck guys!