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My 1st NH Buck

Hi Guys, I got one at sunset tonight. Not the one I had written about earlier. My first NH Buck and my best one by far to date. Dressed at 180 pounds but the check in guys thought he lost a lot of weight in his hind legs from rutting. Nice 8 point non-typical with 5 on one side and 3 on the other. Real thick large heavy beams. I can't believe this thing was living in my neighborhood. Took me 3 hours to drag him out of the woods. I still can't believe it, I'm so excited after taking vacation time and hunting non stop all week (not to mention bow and muzzloader seasons). I had to share the news here. Had one come out 30 minutes earlier into this clearcut but he went the other way. I tried to chase but he disappeared. I figured my hunt was done but sat for the last hour of light and an even bigger buck came in and I smoked him. I have no idea how to share pics, something about photobucket, etc... I too tired right now to start down that path. Let me know if you want to see him and I can try another day. Good luck guys. I was feeling down on my luck, tird, and beaten up and, out of nowhere, it happened all of a sudden and fast. Keep your spirits up guys, good things do come to those who wait.

Re: My 1st NH Buck

Congrats Hammerfish! I would like to see a picture of it.

Re: My 1st NH Buck... PICS added (I hope)

My first attempt to upload pics....

Here's the pics... fixed it for ya.

That's a heck of a buck Hammer! Way to go. Love the look of that rack. You getting it mounted? Congrats and happy eating.


and here's the second pic...

Congrats again. Way to stick with it.


Re: and here's the second pic...

There is a happy hunter! Congrats.
Thanks Craig, I was curious.

Re: My 1st NH Buck

Nice Deer!!!


Re: My 1st NH Buck

Congratulations What a Great Buck, Sure wish they'd start showing themselves up my way Ughhhhhh If I could legally shoot does I could've had 20 so far LOL Saw another 5 tonight but no bucks at all following them or anything Really weird???? Congrats again, Take Care God Bless LOL Dave

Re: My 1st NH Buck

Great story and a nice buck. Still looking for some antlers

Re: My 1st NH Buck

Awesome Buck!!!!
Thanks for sharing.

PS...Hang in there LOL some big boy is going to come looking for all those ladies you are seeing.