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Woke up this morning to a nice layer of ice on the small side of Lake Winnisquam. Hopefully these cold temp's stay long enough to get it ready for the 1st!!! any other lake's starting to freeze yet

Re: ICE!!

Went by Alton Bay today and it's mostly frozen over in the lower narrow portion.

Re: ICE!!

Most of the small coves on Squam have been frozen for about 1 week. Still a lot of open water.


Re: ICE!!

19 Mile Bay, from Chase Point all the way to Melvin Village, is frozen now for the second time. Hope we don't have another warm spell like earlier this week to open it up again.
Finaddiction (Dave S.)

Re: ICE!!

Went out on the ice today on winnisquam, got out about 100 yards had about 4 inches of ice!!!!! its forming fast and now that the storm isnt coming it will have more time to form! Could see some fish under the ice as it's crystal clear